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Plumber Kingsford Fact

Kingsford is a residential area named after the famous Australian Aviation Pioneer Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. Located approximately 7 kilometres from the CBD it houses many students of the University of NSW which is in the adjoining suburb of Kensington. Kensington has become a hub for public transport with a large number of buses offering services to nine different destinations. Kingsford is home to some 14,000 people. A land boom was experienced in the previously undeveloped area starting in the 1920’s. In the 1940’s there was an influx of Greek immigrants who developed the area and opened shops and businesses that grew Kingsford into the suburb we know today. Being an established suburb with houses built prior to the 1970’s home owners should be aware that they may begin to experience plumbing issues in their homes due to the age and expected lifespan of the pipework installed. Many homes were built with galvanised pipes which have an expected life of fifty years. If you have noticed a drop in water pressure it could be the galvanised pipes breaking down, corroding from the inside. If you notice a drop in pressure or your water supply is discoloured call Plumber Kingsford and we can inspect the pipes for you. Many problems can be resolved by running copper or PVC services to you home.

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The repair or replacement of dripping, faulty or antiquated tapware
The repair or replacement of running toilets, leaking cisterns and cracked toilet suites
Gas lines repaired, installation of new lines and LPG conversions
The repair or replacement of leaking water pipes including copper and flexible pipes
Installation, maintenance and repairs of rainwater tanks installed
Sewer and Stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run
Hot Water System repaired or replaced, upgraded and Solar Hot Water installations

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We specialise in all blocked drains from kitchen, to sewer and stormwater


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Emergency Plumbing 24 hours, 7 days a week, we are there when you need us


Cost effective services by way of a FREE plumbing and safety inspection, with multiple job discounts


We guarantee our appointment and will call you on approach


Our prices are guaranteed before we even lift a wrench

Plumber Kingsford Testimonials

What Customer's Say:

“I wish all people in the Eastern Suburbs were as smiling happy and efficient as Dr. Drip”

“I wish all people in the Eastern Suburbs were as smiling happy and efficient as Dr. Drip” -W.

“Very prompt and friendly service – will use David again, great guy”

“Very prompt and friendly service – will use David again, great guy” -Lauren

“Called when said would call. Very nice and professional. No complaints!”

“Called when said would call. Very nice and professional. No complaints!” -Lauren

Plumber Kingsford, trusted and reliable service.

Jeffrey had just finished scrubbing his hands. He turned off the tap as he turned to leave. Only, the tap keptrunning. Frowning, he tightened the tap however the water poured out of the tap. Round and round the tap went, no matter how hard he tried. He called out to his Mum in a panic that the tap just won’t turn off. Fortunately Betty already knew of a plumber she could trust. He was local to the Kingsford area and had always been there in an emergency. He treated her home with respect, which is a lot more than she could say for other tradies she’d come across in her life. She phoned the plumber and he arrived in the allotted time and true to form when he arrived he slipped protective covers over his work boots. He laid out a mat for his tools in the bathroom and worked quickly and efficiently to get the tap back in working order. Jeffrey was practically hanging off the Plumber’s back the entire time, craning his neck to see what was happening and he was bombarding him with questions. Once done the Plumber cleaned up after himself and asked if there was anything else she wanted looked at. He checked if her toilet still okay from his last visit? Delighted, Betty assured him everything was still running perfectly. For a service you can trust, and a plumber who treats your home with respect, call your local Kingsford Plumber on 0423 602 231!