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Meet the permanent solution to root tree intrusion – pipe relining.

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Until the early 1980s, sewer lines of many properties, both commercial and residential, were composed of a number of earthenware pipes in Australia. These pipes often get blocked, primarily due to root intrusion. Earthenware pipes are attached by the bell ends and secured with rubber rings. Once deep in the ground, they will always be subjected to earth movement. This eventually causes the cracking of the seals of the bell ends. This is what allows tree roots to make their way in the sewage line.

The roots are not the problem. The problem is when these start catching debris. Once enough debris has been caught by the roots, the entire sewer line gets clogged. When so much water has been used in a certain period of time, the signs of a blocked drain start manifesting. These signs include the rising of water in the toilet bowl, wastewater going down slower, sewer gully overflow, and a section of your property smelling like an enormous pile of rotten fish.

A clogged drain can be fixed in two ways. The old method involves the use of something known as the electric eel. This device, which is powerful enough to cut away tree roots, basically has the same function with the drain snake, except that is meant for the sewer pipe and not the drain pipe of a plumbing fixture in your home. This solution is effective, but will have to be repeated after some time as it does not fix root intrusion. When they grow back, they will be stronger and thicker, and may be more challenging to remove. Also, this method requires digging, and this means high costs and inconveniences.

The second method is known as pipe relining. In this method, the team installs a highly-durable pipe lining after assessing and clearing the sewer pipe of roots. There is almost no digging involved a lot of the time, and so you need not worry about having to hire a landscaping expert afterwards.

What are the steps involved in this process?

  • Partial cleaning – The pipe is partly cleaned with a water jetter.
  • Video inspection – An HD video camera will then be inserted to check the damage and to see if pipe relining is the best solution for it.
  • Full cleaning – The water jetter will then be used again to completely clear the pipe of both debris and roots.
  • Pipe lining installation – The durable lining is then set up in the pipe interior using a calibration tube, and cured in place with steam.
  • Quality inspection – This step is done using the same video camera from the earlier step.

“Why exactly should I take advantage of this great service?”

    The service protects the sewer line against root penetration. The lining is durable enough for this purpose.

    It takes only a short time to accomplish. We use a video camera to look for the problem and do not need to dig up part of your property most of the time.

    Zero hassles. Since there is no digging involved in this task a lot of the time, expect to have a stress-free experience with this service.

    Highly cost-effective. We do not use a lot of resources for the task, and so we do not charge
    you much for it.

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